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Over a lifetime a person changes homes multiple times, because of shifts in priorities. Whatever is currently most important in your life, be it studying, children or work, NIDO is here to be with with you every step of the way and make your life more convenient and save you money. How does it work? Simple! Let's take an example.

Meet James

James is 19 years old and lives in Denmark in a small city called Høsten. Recently he graduated from the local gymnasium and has decided to move to Copenhagen to study.

As it would usually go, he would move into the universities dorms or co-rent an apartment. In a 4 year study program he would spend approximately 36 000 EUR on rent.

So what are the main problems James faces?

Money is spent but James doesn't own anything afterwards.He and his parents aren't ready to take a bank loan on an apartment because James doesn't know yet if if he will continue to live Copenhagen.Even if decides to live in the capital, he can't possibly predict where he going to work and what is going to be a suitable location for easy commute.
How does NIDO help?

Our modular construction and manufacturing techniques similar to those found in the automobile industry, allow for a friendly price - 35 400 EUR excl. VAT, shipping and installation.The NIDO Rack and the NIDO Studio Units are made with mobility in mind, allowing James to simply order a relocation service and he is on his way. Additionally - adding our Off-grid Unit provides him the possibility to become completely self sustained.NIDO Racks are carefully placed throughout the city and when time will have come for James to start his career, he will be able to simply move his Studio Unit to a different Rack.

What else?

This is just one example. Our solution also helps:
elderly people to downsize;young professionals who are already working but aren't ready to settle down;underutilized land owners in cities to generate passive income;universities, real estate developers and big corporations.
...and many more. To learn how NIDO can help you, please feel free to contact us!

NIDO Studio Unit

Stackable and expandable LEGO-like units without need for construction work. Scalable up to 150 square meters (1 615 square feet)Passive house ready with energy efficient appliances and fixtures2 year comprehensive limited warranty and 10 year structural component warrantyExterior can be finished with painted glass fiber or natural wood

Exterior size: 3,5 x 7 meters (11.5 x 23 feet); 25 square meters (269 square feet)Interior size: 3,3 x 6,8 meters (10.8 x 22.3 feet); 23 square meters (242 square feet)Ceiling height: 2,7 meters (8.9 feet)

Washer/ dryer, LGRefrigerator/ freezer, SeverinMicrowave/ oven, BoschTwo zone induction cook-top, BoschDishwasher, BoschDowndraft hood, BestKettle, BoschGarbage disposal macerator, Waste KingWastewater drainage pump, Wilo
NIDO Studio Units are occupant-ready as soon as on-site installation is complete.

Single or double transformable wall bed/ sofaKitchen unit incl. fixtures, dining table and stoolsLiving room shelving and cabinetry unitBathroom unit incl. fixtures
We view the interior as a 4 dimensional space, the fourth dimension being time. What it means is that transformable furniture allows you to adapt your environment throughout the day so you never run out of space.

IoT smart home devices:
Integrated parcel pick-up and delivery boxThermostatSmoke/ air quality sensor, air purifier and air conditionerDoorbell, outside camera, keyless door lockVoice assistant and speakerLED multi-color dimmer lights, window shadesIndoor camera and motion sensors
Integrated IoT smart homes devices help us deliver you the full convenience of NIDO Assist.


NIDO Studio Units are manufactured in an controlled environment to guarantee consistency, quality and speed.

We also offer individual solutions to better suit your needs. For more information, please fill out the contact form.


NIDO Rack is a multistorey base for NIDO Studio Units. Designed with mobility in mind it allows for easy relocation between Racks or simply to a free standing location. It includes all necessary utilities with plug-n-play connection to each individual Unit.

This unique solution allows universities, big corporations and real estate developers to efficiently use land and to offers their residents unparalleled freedom. It's like multistorey parking just for homes!

For more detailed information please feel free to contact us.

NIDO Assist

The parcel pick-up and delivery box and IoT home automation devices integrated into each NIDO Studio Unit allows us to offer different services and goods which means that each Unit can take care of simple household needs, freeing up time for the really important things in your life.

Besides basic things like relocation service, site planning and preparation and extended warranty. NIDO Assist also offers:
Maintenance package subscription (water, HVAC filters, etc.)Security monitoring subscriptionGeneral use househod goods subscription (liquid soap, paper towels, etc.)
Over time additional services and goods will be added, offering you even more possibilities.

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